Workshop on Securing Decent Work for Fishers in Indonesia

Workshop on Securing Decent Work for Fishers in Indonesia

The government of Indonesia aim to improve enforcement of labour inspectorate and strengthen coordination with other relevant regulators to achieve decent work in fisheries by holding a workshop on “Securing Decent Work for Fishers in Indonesia” on 27-31 August in Bogor, Indonesia. The workshop consisted of a week-long activity with key inspection officials from across the country, social partners and Government counterparts from other Ministries to analyse the root causes of non-compliance in the Indonesian fishing sector. The workshop’s results are targeted recommendations and priority to improve compliance interventions. 

Despite these and other efforts, the labour inspectorate has yet to fully exerted its mandate in fishing, in part because the MoMAF has significant maritime resources and has taken the lead on enforcement in the sector (particularly with respect to IUU fishing) – especially following the 2015 rescue of some 800 migrant fishers found in situations of forced labour in Ambon and Benjina. Moreover, coordination between the MoMAF and MoM on labour matters has not been clear or consistent in its application. 

The MoMAF for example, issued Ministerial Regulation No. 35 in 2015, creating a Human Rights System and Certification process for the industry. However, this self-certification scheme, including with respect to labour labour matters, did not have a role for the labour inspectorate which has the mandate, enforcement powers and expertise to meaningfully address violations in the industry.

As the labour inspectorate continues its efforts to improve its regulation of decent work in the fishing sector, it asked the ILO for assistance in training on fishing vessel inspection.This is also likely to be the first of a set of activities with ILO support to craft and implement a strategic compliance action plan in the fishing sector as a means also to help improve the inspectorate’s planning function.

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