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The Inaugural Plenary Meeting of SEA Forum for Fishers 2019

The Inaugural Plenary Meeting of SEA Forum for Fishers 2019

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The ILO’s SEA Fisheries Project in partnership with the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs [and the Ministry of Manpower], Republic of Indonesia, will organize a 2 day sub-regional event: the Inaugural Plenary Meeting of the SEA Forum for Fishers on 25-26 September 2019. 

The proposed Conference, which brings bring together stakeholders from all ASEAN countries, will consolidate the achievements of previous regional meetings convened by the SEA Fisheries Project, and constitute the first official meeting of the SEA Forum for Fishers – the multi-stakeholder regional coordination body established by agreement in November 2018.

The Inaugural Plenary Meeting will continue to promote an integrated approach to addressing issues of human trafficking and labour exploitation in fisheries by addressing both issues specifically related to trafficking for forced labour and underlying issues of the labour conditions of those who work in fishing. It will also provide a forum for experts from across the region to further discussions already underway in the five working groups of the Forum; and for countries in the region to exchange information and experiences on bilateral, regional and multilateral agreements concerning migrant fishers. Furthermore, it will also provide a platform to discuss modalities to promote decent work in the fishing industry, including the promotion of the ILO Work in Fishing Convention (C.188) and tools developed by ILO for effective implementation of international labour standards and enforcement of labour protection for fishers. The conference will facilitate an exchange of experiences on combatting trafficking for labour exploitation and the protection of fishers nationally, regionally and internationally.

Please see the links of relevant documents here. 

Special Presentation from Vannak Anan Prum,
Author of The Dead Eye and The Deep Blue Sea: Graphic Memoir of Modern Slavery

Inaugural Plenary of SEA Forum for Fishers

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