Organization: The Mekong Club
Geographical Focus: Global
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The Mekong Club uses a ‘business-to-business’ approach to fight slavery. The Mekong Club works with companies of all sizes to understand the complexities of human trafficking and to reduce their vulnerability within their supply chains.

Business for Freedom Campaign is offering a range of targeted awareness-raising presentations for the business community in Asia, including: 1) basic information to general staff on what is human trafficking and how is it relevant to the private sector; 2) detailed training for compliance officers and managers related to compliance current legislation and actions that can be taken to reduce their vulnerability; and 3) targeted presentations for executives and others on specific aspects of the problem.
The Mekong Club releases new tools every year, with the aim of helping companies to address modern slavery more efficiently. Each tool has been developed with businesses for businesses, following an engagement process with sector-specific or cross-sector working groups.


Contact Person: Matt Friedman
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