SAFE Seas Project

Organization: Plan International
Geographical Focus: Indonesia,Philippines

The SAFE Seas project seeks to promote collaboration between governments, fish workers, the private sector, civil society, and communities to:
• Strengthen regulations and policies to address labor exploitation on fishing vessels
• Work with relevant government agencies to improve coordination and raise the profile of labor issues
• Encourage the use of multi-disciplinary inspection models to include checks for forced labor, human trafficking and other exploitative practices on fishing vessels
• Engage the private sector to establish the Safe Fishing Alliance (SFA) that will include major fishing industry companies that want to promote a fair and transparent sector that eliminates exploitative and unfair competition, hand in hand with government, workers, and civil society
• Engage fishers to help ensure that reporting mechanisms are relevant, accessible and responsive to their cases and needs
• Engage other international organizations that have experience in forced labor (FL)/trafficking in persons (TIP) to work on solutions especially in Indonesia, to help reduce the incidence of FL/TIP through improved regulations and increased awareness


Contact Person: Daphne de Guzman Culanag
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