Kredtrakarn Protection and Occupational Development Centre

Organization: Department of Social Development and Welfare
Geographical Focus: Thailand,Thailand

The Centre  extended  protection  coverage  to  victims  of  human  trafficking  in  various  forms  as forced  labour,  forced  or  exploited  prostitution  or  forced  begging,  either  Thai  or  non – Thai persons.  The  Centre  was  designated  to  be  a  focal  point  of  protection  for  foreign  women and  children  who  are  victims  of  human  trafficking. Currently,  the  Kredtrakarn  Protection  and  Occupational  Development  Centre  is  under Supervision  of   the  Bureau  of  Anti – Trafficking  in  Women  and  Children, Department    of Social  Development  and  Welfare,  Ministry  of   Social   Development   and  Human   Security.


Contact Person: Ratana Nontapattamadul
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