Migrant Development Program

Organization: Foundation for Education and Development (FED)
Geographical Focus: Thailand
Website: http://ghre.org/human-rights/

The Foundation for Education and Development (FED) is a Burmese community based organisation that works with Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand. FED’s Migrant Development program targets different segments of migrant communities; women, youth, community leaders, and community activists amongst others. The Program activities engage and empower migrant communities to lead and organize themselves effectively taking responsibility in the accomplishment of justice and social inclusion for them and their communities by raising awareness of their rights with a significantly increased utilization of the legal system to protect those rights. In addition, FED strives to raise the awareness of Thai civil society regarding the situation faced by Burmese migrants in Thailand for the purpose of cultivating a peaceful society in Thailand and a unified civil society promoting human rights, for Burmese migrants in Thailand.


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