Strengthened Coordination to Combat
Labour Exploitation and Trafficking
in Fisheries in Southeast Asia

ILO SEA Fisheries Project:
Strengthened Coordination to Combat
Labour Exploitation and Trafficking
in Fisheries in Southeast Asia

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In recent years, the trafficking of workers into fishing has emerged as an issue in Southeast Asia's fishing and seafood industry

Modern Slavery Statistics

1.8 million

people worldwide were in forced labour in fishing and agriculture industries


ILO SEA Fisheries Project aims to reduce human trafficking and labour exploitation in fisheries by strengthening coordination and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of existing national and regional level anti-trafficking efforts in South East Asia.

Project Brief

Project Activities

The SEA Fisheries Project works on three core areas

Establish a multi-stakeholder regional coordination body

  • Consultation with key stakeholders to assess composition and function of the regional body.
  • Facilitating Senior official meeting together with social partners, CSO and buyer convened at regional level to review  design and TOR of the Convening Body and decide regional coordination priorities.
  • Set up a convening body and secretariat

Coordinate strategies and action plans

  • Mapping of current and action plans adopted to enhance the complementarity and efficiency of the various initiative ongoing to combat trafficking in the fishing sector
  • Adoption of results-oriented and gender-responsive regional strategy and action plan, whit emphasis on enhanced bilateral and multilateral cooperation, in close coordination with existing regional initiatives
  • Adoption of results-oriented and gender responsive national strategies and action plans for Thailand and Indonesia with existing government structures in close coordination

Commission and conduct independent research

  • Research on TiP and fisheries
  • Assessment on intervention of TIP
  • Develop tools for effective communication among all stakeholder at the regional level

Key Partners

– National ministries of labour, fisheries, maritime enforcement agencies

– Law enforcement agencies

– Workers’ organizations

– Employers’ organizations

– Industry associations

– Civil Society Organizations in Southeast Asia

– Regional institutions

– international buyers and retailer groups.

– UN and international organizations.

Our Partners in Indonesia

Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs – Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Kemaritiman RI (Kemenko Maritim)

Indonesian Seafarers’ Union – Kesatuan Pelaut Indonesia (KPI)

The Employers’ Association of Indonesia – Asosiasi Pengusaha Indonesia (APINDO)

Our Donor

United States Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons

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